is the moniker for the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michelle Gorski.

SIBERIA entered the playing field of music in 2017 with her debut EP, "Send", and has been working non-stop since. Crafting a sound and feeling of ethereal madness to poetry put to music, SIBERIA continues to express her empathy and understanding for herself and the experiences close to heart - one song at a time. Described as, "emotionally resilient and fierce", gives a great image of what to expect next from this artist.

SIBERIA found her artistic identity and musical voice in Burbank, California and continues to move throughout the seasons - calling wherever the emotions come to - as home. Finding strength in Alt-Pop and R&B influences laid on top of emotionally vast production, SIBERIA will continue to move through the music industry of this time with her heart on her sleeve - wearing it proudly.