I am SIBERIA. I am a story teller. 

Wicked and divine like a kick of white lightning. 

I’m doing what I can to capture the wanderer’s symphony.

I take all the infernal thoughts brewing in my head and heart and make them appear less tormentous. I want my words to be able to paint a scene you can be apart of to fight the fires of your own life. 

I am an avid philosophy/science-fiction reader which surprisingly enough cross paths more often than you’d think. I curate playlists left and right of intensely varying genres (indie alt to rap, electropop to punk) and with each season I create more and go back to them like catching up with a long-time loved old friend. I read and write more poetry than I know what to do with. At certain points in my life, I start to think in rhyming couplets because of it. I adore cinema and the art of cinematography. Most of my favorite films are in languages I hope to learn or are incredibly existential - always fun and equally terrifying to think about the prospects of life, right?

I hope you can connect with me.

I am human, and I do my best every day to be the best I can humanly be. I want nothing less than the buzz of blood to make me confess.

Much love as always,